I had  intermittent stiffness and tension in my neck and lower back and benefited so much from Carol Meyer’s work.

Carol is professional, compassionate and gifted in the Brennan method and  has also helped me understand the lifestyle and/or emotional issues that can be attached to such physical problems.  I highly recommend her to anyone, particularly those with chronic problems who are not getting relief from other remedies.

Judith L.

Atlantic Beach, FL

As a survivor of incest, Transformational Breath has brought me to a place of forgiveness, release and healing of mind, body and soul which I never experienced in years of therapy. My amazement is that this major shift happened during one private session.  The process quiets internal and exterior noise, allowing space for the quiet within which opens rivers of creativity for this writer.  I can not thank you enough for giving me the tools and trust in myself to “blow past the fear”.

Constance F.

Jacksonville, FL

I was going through a difficult relationship break up and I was in need of some serious balancing.   A real, deeper issue surfaced and after several healings, I released something I had been holding on to for over 15 years.  The results were so much more than I have gotten from any mode of traditional therapy.  The flow of energy and sense of peace I felt is indescribable.

Carol also worked on my 12 year old son who has Asperger’s, and most recently been diagnosed with bone cancer. Her patience and intuition with him is incredible.  Even he could feel the energy release and deep sense of relaxation.

Patti S.

Home Health Community Liaison

I began sessions with Carol for energy healing and transformational breathing. I have rheumatoid arthritis and she works on the pain I feel, helping me to release it.  Carol is attuned to my energy and knows where there are blocks and makes adjustments in my field.

Recently I had surgery, and we did a series of  sessions  – preparing my body for what was to happen,  helping the physical healing after and keeping my energy open and flowing!  It was very strong.   I continue to enjoy my sessions with Carol –healing my heart, healing my soul, healing my body.

Leslie J.
International Real Estate Specialist

Two years ago, I found myself at an impasse and decided to call Carol Meyer.  Our work has proven to be profound and awesome.  Carol brings the same comforting ease to each session, gently and intuitively finding her way to the place in my energy field that is calling to be cleared, and deftly opening it. The healing vibrations continue after the session to expand my awareness and experience like beautiful waves washing through my energy field!

Faye Perdoni

Jacksonville, FL